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posted on July 23rd
Anonymous: Could you do a studen/professor au where Alana's graduating and then she finally tells people she's with hannibal? Thanks :)

yo bros I’m going to do one prompt a night before I set off to binge watch Fringe!

to be honest I think everyone would know because they go at it like horny teenagers the moment a door closes and they keep forgetting to lock those doors

"What do we do now?"

She stood in front of his mirror-plated wardrobe, a dress in either hand. Tonight was the night. She’d sat through the grueling ceremony (“Don’t you want to remember it? It’s tradition, you ‘ave to do it.”), saw a whole lot of her mother’s family, and retreated to prepare for the inevitable dinner.


"Your mother said to bring that mysterious man you’re seeing, so I assume you bring that mysterious man you’re seeing," he called from the bathroom, already having chosen his suit.

"They’re going to know, one look at you and they’re going to know."


She turned and crossed her arms, letting the ends of the dresses trickle to the carpet. “She’s going to have a fit. In a Michelin Star restaurant, my mother is going to have a fit.”

He sighed, realization dawning. “You’re rich.”

"My brother picked me up in a brand-new Range Rover, what was the first tip off?"

"No, I mean you’re old money, aren’t you?”

"Aren’t you?”

"I’m dead money."

She tossed the dresses on his bed, plopping gracelessly on the ottoman. “My dad grew up dirt-poor in Michigan, my mother’s from a long, long line of French socialites. Don’t ask how they met, they won’t tell. We had an…interesting childhood. Dad had us do chores and work, Mother reprimanded us when it wasn’t to a servant’s standard.”

"She’s going to judge me to harsh standards."

"Mother plays a game of matchmaker. There are three options of how tonight will go. She’ll either decide you’re not good enough, and she’ll break us up, she’ll think you’re completely to her standards and start wedding plans and encouraging an engagement, or the dreaded final option: she won’t have a conclusion. She’ll have me invite you back for several dinners until she makes up her mind."

He stared at her wearing half a face of shaving cream. “Your mother sounds lovely.”

"She has managed to scare away every last one of Louisa’s suitors, and made one of Charlie’s girlfriends cry at the table."

"I see now where you get your cunning."

"Do not compare me to my mother.”

"That’s not the worst thing to inherit." He stepped over and kissed her cheeks, making her giggle.

"You’re getting shaving cream all over my nose!"

"Good. Maybe that’ll spur you into getting ready. If you don’t cover up that lingerie soon, I’m going to throw everything off the bed and we’ll skip dinner."


They were exactly on time.

Mother was late.

Alana stood in between Charlie and Louisa, nervous. They were both as antsy as she, knowing exactly what would follow. Everyone, everyone but Mother was anxious when a significant other was presented for sacrifice. No one had made it out alive.

"I’m telling you, you should go completely behind her back and just buy the ring already."

Charlie rolled his eyes at Louisa, frowning. “She’ll come after me with stones, or something less medieval.”

"Jacqueline is going to dump you if you don’t tie this knot soon. She’s one of the serious family types."

He sighed, watching the floor. “I’m working on it.”

"And you, missy, this is a bold move for you."

Alana furrowed her brow. “What did I do?”

"The guy you’re seeing, he’s gotta be at least three years older than Charles the Incapable over here."


"So he’s older, your point?"

"Honey, you’re the baby, you’re not the one who brings home older men. How’d you even meet him?"

"He’s her professor," Charlie said, dragging her down the path of scorn.

Louisa sighed. “Alana.”

"What? It’s a serious relationship!"

"You’re like twenty-two, you have time before you get sucked into one of those."

"What if I want to be sucked into one of those?"

Hannibal returned then, tucking his phone into his pocket. Lousia noticeably straightened her stance, rearing on her tall stilettos. She was a hunter along with their mother; she’d size him up herself.

Before she could get in a word, the woman of the hour swept through the door, sending her husband to deal with the maitre d’.

Geneviève Bloom was a sight to behold, with short blonde hair that spoke of power and a sharp beauty that demanded attention. She aged like a fine wine, and all three of her children hoped to follow in her path.

She kissed Alana on both cheeks in greeting. “Your aunt Babette and ‘er family are going to visit tomorrow evening, so I want you to come ‘ome when we leave.” She turned slowly, her jewels tinkling.

If there were one thing about her mother that captivated people, it was her ability to look like she’d walked right out of a film from Hollywood’s golden age.

"You must be ‘Annibal." Geneviève smiled her golden smile. "I ‘ave, surprisingly, ‘eard little about you."

"On the contrary, Alana has told me much about you, madam." He ducked his head to kiss her hand.

Louisa elbowed her sister. “Do you hear wedding bells? Because I hear wedding bells. I hope you like him enough.”

"I’m fucked.”

"You are terribly, terribly fucked, with all manner of sharp, uncomfortable objects. Why didn’t you say he was a charmer?”

"I forgot."

"You forgot?" Louisa took her arm as they were lead to the table, grip fierce and voice low. "Don’t tell me he takes you to bed every night and forget you’re sleeping with an actual gentleman—don’t hiss, don’t argue, you smell like his perfume.”

"How do you know it’s perfume?"

"It’s heady but not overpowering, unlike cologne. But honestly, Alana. Honestly?"

"Honestly I didn’t think I’d get to the screening process."

"Maybe once she realizes he’s graded your papers she’ll reconsider, but for now, wedding bells."

Everything went too well. She was getting nervous, counting the number of things that had gone wrong (zero) and the number of things that had gone right (everything). When the question was asked—

“‘Ow did you two meet?”

Coffee had replaced dinner plates, and Alana held tight to his hand under the table. She hadn’t prepared a lie for this.

"I’m the head of the Neuroscience department," he said smoothly, not a trace of worry on his features.

Geneviève rested her chin on her hands, calculating. “You’re quite young for such a position, no?”

"I had outstanding credentials and references for a regular position as a professor, but they must have thought me overqualified, and in two years I found myself in a much larger office."

Alana looked back and forth between her mother and Hannibal. They were both scheming, both playing chess master behind their cold, cutting eyes. A spike of fear ran down her back, followed by the briefest moment of lucidity, and a sinking feeling that neither was exactly what they appeared to be. They hid fangs behind those smiles.

And that was that.

Not a single other remark was made about her dating her (now former) professor. Nothing. Not a comment on their age gap, the inappropriate nature of their relationship before this day, nothing.


"How do you think it went?" he asked later, cradling her to his chest.

"Um, better than last night—probably because it wasn’t so rushed—but not the best—”

"The dinner, not the sex."

"Oh." She smacked her forehead. "Ohhhh. Right. Dinner. Knew I forgot something. She wants you to come with us tomorrow and stay a few days as family pours in.”

"So I’m approved?"

"No. No, she either needs more evaluation time or it’s wedding bells. There is no ‘approved for dating’ in this family."

"So either we’re splitting up or tying the knot on her command? How romantic."

"Shh, it’s not like that." She kissed his neck, humming in content. "You were great tonight."

"Really? Because that wasn’t my best performance. I’m still tired from all the sleepless grading last week—"

"Dinner, not sex."

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hannibal lecter meme 7/8 other outfits
sweaters (◡‿◡✿)

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i love how gatorade doesn’t actually ever get referred to by it’s actual flavors

it’s like

"the other blue one"

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Forever in admiration of people that can write in character fics u guys will rule the world some day

I read the tags and


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Hades appreciation post.

He is kind of one of my favorite Disney villains.

He’s so sassy! I love it!

He’s one of the reasons why I point out this movie is hilarious.

YES, I KNOW IT’S NOT THE ORIGINAL FRICKIN’ MYTH. But it can still be good/funny for what it is.

“Mr. Zeus. Mr. High-and-Mighty. Mr. Hey-You-Get-Off-of-My-Cloud.”

Fun Fact: They rewrote most of the dialogue for the part after James Woods auditioned. Many of the oneliners were improvised. The top gif was his greeting to the writers when they were first introduced.

This is true! Everyone they were auditioning for the part were acting all large and scary and “I AM HADES, LORD OF THE UNDERWOOORRRLLLLD” and James Woods was like “fuck it” and walked into the room like “Name is Hades. Lord of the dead. Hi, how ya doin’?”


James Woods has told Disney he will always reprise this role whenever it arises. He loves the character that much. It’s him in Kingdom Hearts. It’s him in House of Mouse. And he will never give up this role.

Disney!Hades and Nintendo!Hades rlly need to meet up

Starship turbulence is my favourite thing ever